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  • Businesses

    A way for businesses to keep apace of new developments in performance and how to apply established neuro-psychology techniques.

  • Sports

    Understanding of how the latest research in neuroscience and performance psychology can help you obtain that competitive edge.

  • Leadership

    Modern leadership needs a new approach to steer your workforce towards exceptional performance through brain to brain techniques.

  • Management

    The new manager needs to balance his leaders and his direct reports through a genuine understanding of behaviour of stakeholders and herself.

  • Entrepreneur

    Performance in this sector requires understandings of the motivational systems in the brain and your application of reward, risk and fear.

  • Professional

    The only approach to high pressure vocations and jobs is one where you understand what is going on inside and how pressure can be tamed.

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Performance weekly classes for individuals, teams and organisations who wish to apply the latest evidence to their careers, professions, sports and businesses.