• What is neuro-psychology?

    Neuro-psychology is a combination of neuroscience and performance psychology that is focused upon the hardware and the software of the brain. We have now learned and understand that the brain can be changed in terms of its structure and efficiency through a process of neuroplasticity.

  • What are mental skills?

    Mental skills in this context are attitude, confidence, emotional control, focus, habits, behaviours, resilience, optimism, enthusiasm, pressure, goal achievement, intensity, psychological preparation, team dynamics and cohesion, wellbeing, positive thought control, motivation and more.

  • How can it help my business?

    If your staff and management can deliver exceptional performance each time, then it is not difficult to see that profits will increase through improved productivity, better health and wellbeing, the ability to perform under pressure and by ignition of the correct forms of motivation.

  • Does this mean they are ill?

    No this is a poor perception of people wishing to develop their minds. In fact the opposite is true, ask any Olympic Champion or World Class Performer and they will highlight that by developing their mental skills gave them the edge to tip the balance of the scales into their favour.

  • How can it help my staff?

    By arming them with the necessary tools and strategies that they can use to handle stress, anxiety and pressure and to develop their mindset away from an avoidance and fear based structure to one of challenge, approach and calculated risk-based mindsets and attitudes.

  • What is neuro-leadership?

    This is a modern theory and approach towards exceptional leadership, leaving behind the hierarchical approach towards control, coercion and carrot and stick motivational systems and applying a brain to brain form of leadership that helps understanding of what and why people do what they do.

  • Will it involve a lot of work?

    It will involve no work from you at all. We handle everything and operate it as a turnkey solution for you. We design and keep the material updated, host the material on secure servers and deliver it to any device, anytime and from anywhere that has an Internet Connection.

  • What will my staff look like after development?

    The beauty of this approach is that it is packaged and sold to employees as performance and not about effort, attitude, mindset and behaviour, which is a difficult conversation. They will become driven, focused, confident, motivated and mentally tough and pursue mastery in all they do.