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Personal Transformation Starts Here

Transformational Leadership will take management or leadership to another place not available to old style leaders that learn and practice old styles of leadership skills and practices. As the title suggests, a transformation is needed and transformational strategies will have to be evoked. In simple terms if leaders and managers step back and appraise existing control and command styles, they will see clearly how ineffective they are. The results are clear: blame cultures, maladaptive behaviours such as cheating and scamming, poor staff and employee morale that leads to poor health and wellbeing in the workplace. members of your team will not have your back when needed nor will anyone respect your position or status.

A much better approach that resonates with millennials and Generation Z workers is that of the neuro-based leader who can exhibit a full understanding of their own brains and consciousness and those of their people. You will understand how people think and feel and also why they do what they do. You will understand their need for mastery, autonomy and a desire and understanding of their own purpose. You will transform your own goals and ambitions to align with those of the organisation and also keep check of the goals and desires of your employees. There will be no more micro management nor will their be motivational systems advocating reward and punishments. These are designed at a brain level to initiate a stress, anxiety and fear response in most staff. Once activated the power of fear is twice that of opportunity, challenge and approach.

Allowing your team or organisation to thrive by understanding motivation at a brain level is such an easy thing to do. Approach or avoid will bring success or failure rather swiftly. Triggering a challenge mindset will help staff to approach their challenges and opportunities and to keep anxiety and fear at bay. This will then help the workforce to use their positive stresses for better results as well as being able to perform under pressure not once but every time. So many chances and opportunities are missed because of fear and choking at the wrong critical times. Performing under pressure is part of our system so when opportunity does knock, you will be ready. To be ready is psychological, neurological and behavioural and we have a simple process that will introduce the transformational leader to the benefits of approaching your leadership in this way.

As Paul Getty once said, "I would rather have 1% effort of 100 men rather than 100% effort of one man. Leadership transformation is about a change of philosophy, change of mindset, change of outlook, change of practice and small incremental continuous improvements every day. These small changes produce incredible returns to you as a leader or owner and your organisation after a sustained time period. It's the leadership equivalent of compound interest rates where the interest is applied to the principal and interest rolled up daily.