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01. Evidence Based

All tactics, strategies and applications proven in performance research, study and testing.

06. Develop Mental Toughness

The ability to develop mental strength ensures that you take your opportunities, bounce back from setbacks and overcome any form of adversity.

05. Supreme Self Confidence

Without self confidence, nothing happens. You'll

learn how to grow your self confidence, esteem and efficacy, so that you approach opportunities.

02. Perform Under Pressure

Learn the skill to overcome stress and pressure so as not to fail when the big day, event or opportunity comes along. It is a process.

03. Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & Fear

The brain often hijacks us at critical points because we are unable to manager our fear leading to failure, poor wellbeing and missed opportunities.

04. Fire Up Your Motivation Levels

Motivation is a brain activity that can easily be switched on or off if you know how to. This is brain chemistry and structure and not hype.

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Personal Transformation

Personal Development

For exceptional performance you need to continually make improvements in yourself or your business, because the goal posts in markets, organisation and competitive structures are continually shifting. Personal development goals are essential in the process because we all have different starting and ending points in our plan. These goals of performance need to consider three differing types. Firstly, outcome goals which are the envisioned ending. Secondly, performance goals which are performance targets to be met that if achieved would deliver your outcome goal. Thirdly, process goals which are the daily tactics, actions and strategies that you do to achieve the performance goal. Personal development skills will be enhanced and developed if this simple process is followed. We use many tools and strategies to help with this process, some include performance profiles, SWOT analysis and GROW models and many others selected to be suitable for the client. As a performance development coach it is crucial that the correct goals are chosen to match the correct skills required. Often individuals will have weaknesses or strengths some of which can be overdone and can cause just as many problems for the person as having a perceived weakness. Our personal development courses will build mental strength, character, hardiness, grit, determination, confidence, control of emotions and a pursuit of mastery in everything that you do. Neuro-Performance personal development online courses allows you to develop your personal transformation in your own time and at your own pace from any connected device at any geography.

Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan example would include scoring and mapping exactly where you feel that you are in terms of your goals and motivations. This process could be actioned by using a personal development plan template. This template would plot your perceived position in terms of your physical, psychological, technical, strategic and emotional skills and attributes. What personal development plan? Often this is the type of question that is asked by employees and leaders as part of their personal transformation and their transformational leadership qualities. Personal development plan at work can act as a guide and motivational tool to see progress and progression towards your ultimate goals. For your leadership transformation you should have a specific personal development plan leadership style which plots different types of skills and attributes than in your personal development plan for employees. The leadership style rises above those of management styles and plans and also those of their employees.

Performance Improvement Plan

When we consider how to start the process, we may need a performance improvement plan template, which will help us and highlight an example of performance improvement plans often used by the world's greatest performers. We quite often use performance improvement plan samples that enable our clients to fast track their process. Many of our clients are involved in the corporate world and require a performance improvement plan at work, after asking, what is a performance improvement plan for an employee? and how to do personal improvement plans on an individual basis? A personal improvement plan for an employee requires consideration of individual requirements of the employee and also of the needs of the organisation. Once this plan is negotiated then you can use a performance improvement plan template supplied by us.

Personal Development Skills

Personal development skills always needs a process, a structure if you like to allow you to consider exactly what your starting point is and what is the finished outcome that you so desire. But what personal development plan? Most of us consider one personal development area but as proven this is not enough. It is easier because it generally targets just one particular area. However, a personal skills development plan should consider the physical, technical, strategic, psychological and the emotional states that we use every moment of every day. A personal development plan will bring structure, organisation and order to your personal development. The ability to change, improve and manage your mental skills will drive your personal transformation up to a much higher level.

Performance Coach

A performance coach can often be the difference between success and failure as evidenced by a performance coach in sport. Consider the talent that exceptional performers have and then consider the number of times that you see them fail. Many times it is because of poor preparation as well as not developing their minds as they do their bodies. A performance coaching model will address these shortfalls in attitude, mindset, preparation, control and mastery so enabling the performer to be the optimal performance state when needed. It is advisable to search for a performance coach near me, performance coach uk or a performance coach psychologist so that you can choose the best performance coaches for your profession, sport or vocation. Remember that it is the performance coaching process that helps generate better thoughts, control of your emotions and allows you to exhibit better performance behaviours. Geoff Greenwood FCCA MBA MSc is a high performance coach that is passionate about mental performance coaching and the competitive advantage that the process can bring. As a peak performance coach I am often asked what is performance coaching? How can coaching improve performance? and what is performance coaching in the workplace? I just tell performers that it is an advantage for you if you compete against someone of equal physical ability, strength and skills ability then you will have the edge and outperform them.

Your Own Online Performance Specialist

If you have always wanted to achieve more through your own performance and didn't know where to start, then you should follow the actions of exceptional performers. Our membership will introduce you to the work and strategies that we have done with some of the world's greatest performers. Affordable, powerful, quick and all evidenced based from a highly experience performance coach.