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Better Performance for Individuals and Business

To achieve high performance we need to remove anxiety, eliminate fear, manage stress and to own a mental skill set that builds a growth mindset, controls our emotional state and masters our performance behaviours.

Psychology of Sport and How Mental Strength Wins

Sport psychology and mental training is often the competitive edge between performers who are equally matched physically and strategically.

How to Overcome Fear in 2022

Fear is the primal obstruction to your best life. Learn how to manage it and use it as your best friend in performance, career and life.

4 Easy Steps To Mental Toughness, Peak Performance and Brain Strength

Mental toughness is an outcome of a flexible, controlled and mastered mind. It builds confidence, resilience, hardiness and healthy wellbeing.

Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity quickly and for very low cost

How can we improve employee engagement and workforce productivity on an intrinsic level driven by the self and continually stoked mentally.

How to improve employee productivity at the same time as workplace mental health

Strong evidence commissioned by the UK Govt that there is actually a huge financial reward for addressing mental health in the workplace.

Performance Synchrony for competitive advantage in business

An alignment of your business goals and objectives with external drivers such as markets, customers

When we talk about a neuro-psychology approach to performance we are including neuroscience, performance psychology and the behavioural sciences. These life sciences combined cover the existing brain's wiring and chemical composition, the current development of the psychology of the individual and the evidence of what people do and why they do it. This process understands that all behaviour originates as a spark of electricity between neurons in the brain that can originate from a thought, a feeling or an action and it is these cognitive behavioural outcomes that arise from our senses scanning our internal and external environments. If as the evidence suggests that this is fact, we can plan and devise our exceptional performance actions and strategies to control and create better thoughts, work on eliminating bad feelings and emotions from past events and also take better actions day by day. This is by no means a linear approach. It has a fully integrated concurrent approach. Our performance plans devised with our performance coaching will help you to develop better mental strength and toughness, understand how mental training is a competitive edge and how repeating good thoughts, emotions and behaviours will change existing brain wiring and structure for success, energy saving and performance skills development.