Performance Resources

A mixture of videos, pdfs, audios and webinars that will help you understand how performance science can generate exceptional profits for your business.


Stress BurnoutWebinar Replay 36 Mins
PerformanceWebinar Replay 37 Mins
Mental Healthin the workplace 4 Mins
Online Demoe-learning training  1 Min
Motivates Us?Recent research  10 Mins

Performance PDF Documents and Books


Business returns of £9 for every £1 invested into mental health in the workplace initiatives. The largest gains arise from early implementation.

More resources to highlight the competitive advantage that performance science can bring to business, employees, management and leadership.

Motivating Staff and Motivation of Employees

 The very latest research and findings about what makes us tick, and how it affects our performance at work. This book is 51 pages of science, data and research that understands brain motivation.

Mindset, Mentality and Mental Toughness

A free 12 page booklet on the concept of mental toughness and how to develop your mental skills for focus, clarity, decision making, creativity and exceptional performance at work.

Mental Toughness in 4 Very Easy Steps

Mental toughness is a developed and deliberate state of mind. See the benefits of teaching in your business

Improve Employee Engagement Quickly

Discover how business productivity and employee engagement is costing you a fortune in lost revenue

Improve Business Productivity Morally

Recent research highlights that your business can return £9 in profits for every £1 invested into mental health

Performance Synchrony for Competitive Advantage

A look at the 12 different alignments between your business and your market for performance synchrony

Performance Problems and Performance Solutions

Fast changing business models and environments highlight performance difficulties in culture, engagement and motivation, leadership and management. Short 5 page document.

Leadership Development

14 Critical Challenges

A 31 page visual document highlighting the critical challenges facing the modern leader to maintain competitive advantage and their organisations through the eyes of a performance specialist.

Can Performance Science Double Business Profits?

A visual look at how all the sciences can align together to improve business profits and longevity

Can Online Training Improve Employee Productivity?

Based upon powerful strategic and performing models that identify your business's performance gap

Prism Brain Mapping Neuroscience Application

Psychometric instruments are old school and neuroscience targets behaviours not personality

How to Align Business Performance for Growth

Misalignment between your business and its environment has devastating effects in troubled times

Neuroscience and Learning, Training & Development

Why do employees with similar backgrounds, intelligence, experience, skills and knowledge behave in completely different ways at work? Neuroscience research teaches us why.

Neuroscience in the Workplace Case Studies

A short document that highlights how neuroscience can help us understand business problems and how to generate solutions to them from the viewpoint of case studies.

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