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Transformational Leadership in Modern Business World

What is Transformational Leadership?

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Transformational leadership is a term that captures the power the leader has to change the followers' personal development, their perception of themselves and their environment. Transformational leaders are always striving to make meaning and sense of their work. The best of them communicate a compelling vision or purpose for the organisation and strive to create positive relationships with followers. The leadership style and skills needed are also different from the past 100 years of scientific management styles. It is about change in the organisational culture, business models and attitudes towards all stakeholders.

Transformational Leadership and Its Role in Building Trust

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The best way to build trust with your team is to take an active role in their development. This can be done through coaching, mentoring, and providing feedback. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership where the leader helps shape the vision of the organisation and inspires followers to share that vision. To build trust needs an understanding of the social brain of one's self and those of others. Trust is powerful and profitable and a modern day leader will understand aspects of status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and fairness often at the core of all employees.

Transformational Leadership in Enhancing Employee Retention

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Transformational leadership is the process of improving employee retention by making them feel more engaged and fulfilled at work. This is done through a variety of leadership styles, such as democratic, affiliative and pacesetting. The best way to retain employees is to make them feel like they are part of the team, that they have a voice and that they are being listened to. It is important to not only focus on the employees' individual needs but also their emotional needs as well. Also instil trust throughout your organisation as mentioned in the last section. It drives commitment, engagement, motivation and best of all productivity for the organisation.

How Transformational Leaders Build Collaborative Teams That Achieve Goals Together

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A transformational leader is someone who knows how to build collaborative teams that achieve goals together. They are able to create an environment that fosters collaboration and high performance. There are many ways a leader can foster collaboration and high performance in their team. One of the most effective ways is by building trust with their team members. Transformational leaders know how to be transparent with their team, which builds trust among them. They also know how to delegate tasks effectively so that each member of the team feels like they have a stake in the outcome of the project or task at hand. These positive outcomes can be achieved within a business culture of transparency and transparency is defined by clear and direct communications at all levels of the organisation.

Conclusion & Takeaways

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This article has explored the transformational leadership and its role in the future of exceptional performance. It has been argued that a leader’s ability to shape the future of their organisation is essential for achieving competitive advantage. Leaders should be aware of how their actions will shape the organisational culture, and should focus on providing a meaningful vision for their employees. The takeaway here is that transformational leadership is crucial to achieving competitive advantage in an ever-changing environment. Exceptional transformational leaders understand themselves better than anyone else and their direct reports who have many internal and external needs, wants and conflicts. The modern leader or manager cannot become transformational on their own, they need full support of the team and the business. Read about the benefits of applying a transformational leadership approach to your career.

Neuro-Based Leadership

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