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Applied Neuroscience & Psychology Improves Productivity, Profits & Performance

Evolutionary Performance Approach Towards Organisation, Culture, People, Leadership & Measurement


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Productivity, Profits & Performance

Exceptional performance is a combination of actions, behaviours, strategies, thoughts and emotions. We will show you how to master the hardware and software of your mind.

We have the cutting edge methodology underpinned by evidence to develop leaders, managers, staff and businesses to introduce the latest findings from the performance world into the workplace to enhance engagement, wellbeing, decision making, problem solving, mindset, leadership, culture, structure, motivation and focus.


The ultimate and unique combination of neuroscience and performance sciences for exceptional business success & profits

Behaviour Mapping

The worlds most comprehensive & accurate online neuroscience based behaviour mapping instrument made into an understandable model

Performance Training & Development

The powerful focus upon mindset, attitude, behaviour and performance in the workplace for individual and corporate excellence

Users Of Neuro-Performance

Neuro-performance is used extensively by individuals and teams in elite sport, military and global organisations and in sectors such as recruitment, leadership, sales and performance enhancement

Prism Online Brain Mapping

Complete the Prism Online Brain Mapping Questionnaire today to highlight your behavioural strengths and weaknesses and to give you the edge in terms of job selection, talent management and business success

Employee Performance Training

Unique online development material to develop staff in focus, resilience, engagement and wellbeing in the workplace. Complicated science turned into simple and workable solutions


There have been big advances in the last 10 years in the understanding of how brain science and structure operates and changes. This has led to new approaches towards behaviour in the workplace, particularly as performance is a product of behaviour and actions.

The development of behaviour mapping through the understanding of neuroscience has evolved and is now available as an online instrument delivered by Licensed Practitioners like ourselves to highlight behavioural preferences at work along with adaptive behaviour styles that may or may not match with jobs, environment or situations. Considered a fully understandable model, underpinned by extensive research and highly accurate, this instrument has taken over from the well established psychometric tools.

Performance Science

Performance Science is a new and innovative approach to business success as it transfers the strategies, tactics and approaches from the ultra competitive performing world of sport, finance, business, military and the performing arts, to the employees, managers and executives of modern businesses.

Combine this with the latest findings in brain science particularly towards how behaviour is triggered and changed for performance enhancement and you have the very latest edge in terms of competitive advantage for your organisation on an ongoing basis.

Our years of work with elite athletes and individuals and teams who operate and thrive constantly under the most extreme forms of pressure have helped us transform the offering into a unique business package that uses coaching, consulting, training, developing and workshop delivery for peak performance.


Increase the performance skills of all your employees, managers and executives and their output is measured in extra business profits for the organisation


Develop the performance skills of your staff, managers and executives and they will deliver exceptional performance for you, putting you out in front of the competition


Having the right people in the right roles at the right time all having a clear focus towards their own individual, team and business excellence secures longevity in commerce

See How Neuro-Performance Can Improve Your Profitability

We would love to talk to you about your requirements for your employees, managers and executives to learn to perform like elite athletes in the workplace. Staff & Management Scientific Development.

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